The Fin Wall at The Wilson

Over 250 fins of different sizes were built for this feature wall installation project at The Wilson and The Elm in Bethesda, Maryland. Each one was made with a variety of wood species using locally sourced Carbon Smart Wood™.

Our team, along with Gutierrez Studios have been awarded The Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award for our exceptional skills, and quality craftsmanship in creating these wood fins. This project was also featured in Home & Design Magazine’s article Wall of Wood.



Architect: Shalom Baranes Associates

General Contractor: Clark Construction

Design and Installation: Gutierrez Studios

Photos: Maxwell Mackenzie



The Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award

” The primary obstacle was navigating the seasonal movement inherent in the solid wood materials that would be used to mimic the exact angle of the nearby traffic intersection at Wilson Street and Elm Street.

Extensive calculation and planning for such movement drove the detailing and execution at every stage. This hurdle was exacerbated by the scale of the feature and the need for multiple wood species to be edge-glued and run in the short-grain direction. “

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